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The Coolest Emojis From The New iOS 10.2 Update

Bacon lovers, rejoice! There's now a bacon emoji!
by Tanya Umali | Dec 13, 2016
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Emojis have become essential to our digital conversations. They make our text messages look livelier and more fun to read. All messaging platforms and devices have emojis, but the most awaited ones kind of belong to Apple

With the launch of the new iOS 10.2 update on Apple devices last Monday comes new and improved emojis to give your messages that needed jolt of fun. There are more than 70 new emojis and hundreds of updated ones, including a new look for the famous peach emoji. 

Having said that, we picked the top 10 emojis that stand out above the rest. Check them out and start using them in your conversations:

1) Bacon

Everyone loves bacon! This new emoji has been requested by Apple users for a long time now. Finally, the tech manufacturer heard your request. 

2) Avocado

Just like the bacon emoji, the avocado has been highly requested. Now, avocado lovers can easily express their love for this food in text messages.

3) Paella

This emoji is a bit more uncommon. However, Paella is delicious and its a must in fancy occassions here in the Philippines. Dig in!

4) Face palm

Nothing expresses disappointment better than a face palm. Now, you don't have to constantly type *facepalm* everytime you're not pleased. 

5) Fist bump

You can now finally send digital fist bumps to your friends. 

6) Selfie

Alert your friends that you're about to send a selfie by sending a selfie emoji.  

7) Lying face

If you sense that the person you're texting is lying, then send them the lying face emoji. Remember, emojis are less offensive. Plus, it's the only smiley with a nose. 

8) Shrug

The much awaited shrug emoji has finally arrived. No more typing "¯\_(?)_/¯".

9) Black heart

The favorite emoji of haters. 

10) Fingers crossed

Share your positivity with the fingers crossed emoji. Best used when you're feeling hopeful. 

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