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Survive The End Of The World By Building An Apocalypse Kit

For the doomsday prepper who has, quite bizarrely, not prepared for anything yet
by Lamar Roque | Sep 24, 2017
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If the world ends tomorrow, will you be ready?

It isn’t even the question of “if”, but “when” and “how”. Take your pick: megaearthquake, zombie invasion, mutant virus. The plague, angry aliens, super volcanoes. Mocha Uson becoming president.

So it always pays to listen to (or even awaken) the paranoid in you because when it comes to post-apocalyptic preparation, the fact is: you can never be too prepared. So, rather than waiting for SHTF (shit-hits-the-fan) scenarios to turn into real-life situations with walkers to boot, assemble these simple items from your friendly hardware store into your survival gear today.

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1) Lotus Hand Axe

Consider this your main weapon against the undead. At two pounds and with a solid yet smooth wooden handle, this axe is not only lightweight but also very easy to wield.

Price: P599

2) Lotus Sharpening Stone (6”x2”x1”)

Dull blades are no good in the post-apocalyptic world, especially when you have to fend for yourself in every sense of the word, and at all times.

Price: P139

3) Thunder Survival Kit

While more apt for natural calamities, this go-bag will still be very useful in a zombie-infested world. Its contents include a handcrank flashlight, 3-meter para-cord, glow stick, triangular bandage, 5-in-1 multi-function whistle, and 11-in-1 card tool.

Price: P320

4) Bell Howell Tactlight Tactical Flashlight

From blinding pesky walkers to getting around at night, you need a strong and reliable light source.

Price: P850

5) Spiderking First Aid Kit (25 pax)

In a world where everything just got even more uncertain, dangerous, and foul, the more medical provisions you have, the better.

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Price: P2,179

All items are available at Handyman Forum Robinsons Pioneer

Photography Lian Hammer Dumas

This story originally appeared in the September 2017 issue of FHM Philippines.

Minor edits were made by the editors.

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