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Ozaka iMini Cute

Pocket-friendly speakers

| May 7, 2009
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The Ozaki iMini Cute is an iPod Dock worth investing in. It’s an iPod dock, has FM Radio, has an audio jack so it can serve as a speaker to other mp3 players, and an alarm clock. All in one small package. The iMini cute uses a USB interface, which means that while your iPod is docked, you can still connect it to your computer and transfer files into it while charging. The built-in radio alarm clock will wake you up with your favorite tunes. The Radio, or a buzzer and can recall up to eight of your favorite radio channels. Although the speakers have been specifically designed for all Apple iPods, it’s 3.5mm jack plug is friendly to any audio device. This portable 112mm x 112mm can be powered either by its DC adaptor or 6 AAA batteries and comes in five colors: white, blue, and black for you or pink and mint for the missus. - Marc Celis