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Ozaki iPod protectors!

<p>Technology and cuteness combined!</p>
| Jan 21, 2010
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There comes a time in a life of a man where he must simply buy his lady something randomly nice. [firstpara] There are things you purchase on special occasions such as jewelry, a gadget, or anything that shines and make her go gaga on you.

And then there are those “for no reason whatsoever” gifts, which include our featured products for the week.

Ozaki, makers of accessories for the iPod and iPhone, are coming out with a new bunch of fancy frills for your lady’s gadgets.

Ozaki iMini. Manufactured to add a cuteness factor to your gadget, the iMini recently launched two types of coating for your iPod: the Ozaki iMini Pet and the Ozaki iMini Cute.

Available in Panda, Lion, Frog, Bear, and Dog, the Ozaki iMini Pet claims to be the happiness you can buy. The supposed cute idea is that those, er, pets will guard your iPod as it charges from its docking station.

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It has a back-lighted LCD display for FM radio and radio clock, and has a dual alarm which is perfect for your iPod and buzzer. You can search it around the net and see for yourself how cute they are.

The Ozaki iMini Cute on the other hand is available in white, black, pink, and blue. Besides having the same features as the iMini Pet, it also has a 5x7 snooze alarm clock system and is able to support versions of the iPod, whether in Nano or Touch.

The iMini Cute claims to wake and sleep your iPod, but what really makes it cute is its cubic-shaped docking station.

Ozaki iCoat
. Designed and manufactured specifically for the iPhone, the Ozaki iCoat has plenty of coating choices, most notably the Ozaki iCoat Wardrobe.

The Wardrobe is designed to suit both you and your girlfriend’s preferences, featuring custom tailored cases with high glossy surface and colorful outlooks.

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The iCoat Wardrobe also offers front and backslide full protection. One set includes 5 iCoat Wardrobe and a bonus iCoat Invisible, a coating that prevents finger prints from smudging.

The iCoat is also available in iCoat Wardrobe+, featuring rubber plating finish and screen protector, and is offered in red, blue, and white.

The list of iCoat versions includes the iCoat Photo, Privacy, Sweat, Anti-Drop, Crystal Nano, and Shuffle.

With Ozaki’s number of gadget accessories available, you’ve got the whole year of gift-giving covered.

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