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11 Ways A 70,000-Peso PC Is Convincing Us To Forget About The PS4

We were single-mindedly obsessed on the PS4...until this PC came along.
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 24, 2014
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The PS4 remains a sought-after gaming device in the upcoming holiday (read: gastos) season. In fact, it’s on the top of our wish list together with “more Batman toys” and “Red Ferrari kahit second-hand.” We’ve actually dedicated a separate savings account for the darned thing.

But that may soon change. Recently, premium PC builders MSI sent us a PC that has since ruined our social lives. Called the “Night Blade,” what we thought was just another expensive computer (around P70,000) has literally murdered what were supposed to be our sleeping hours. The Night Blade is a fine gaming PC with high-spec components that give us a hard-on—and more importantly, has given us a gaming experience that has made us forget about the PS4, almost.

As a gamer, we’re sure you’ve heard of the endless PC vs. console debate over the years. The Night Blade, which is available at Ace Net in V Mall and PC Hub in Gilmore, has revived that conversation. And after our time with it, we’ve come up with reasons why “Hardcore Gaming PC” just might bump off the PS4 on our wish list.

1)      A massive backlog of games

Unlike consoles, personal computers aren’t hindered by issues of backwards compatibility. While the Playstation 4 won’t even be able to play your PS3 games—much less your dusty PS2 and PSOne titles—the PC has access to decades of games all the way to the days of DOS. While you’ll have to use several programs to load the really old PC games, you’ll still have much better luck with that than attempting to run Twisted Metal 2 on your PS4.

Also not a good idea: trying Diablo 2 on your PS4.

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2) It’s super-sleek

What consoles have always been better at is their physical design. They’re designed to be cool and sleek. Most PCs, on the other hand, don’t give a cat’s ass about how they look. Not so with the MSI Night Blade and its mini-ITX form factor:

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Most of us PC gamers would rather spend on internal components than get a dazzling case. But this MSI PC with its bad-ass black finish, premium silver trimmings, and the little red logo on the middle has really made it desirable. That sturdy handle on the bottom portion also makes it relatively easier to transport this compactly-crafted computer while also providing elevation for the system in order to improve air circulation.The added circulation definitely helps when the PC goes into overclock mode with the overclock button on the front.


3)      GRAPHICS have managed to impress us again

It hasn’t been very long since the PS4 and the Xbox One were released but PC ports of the same games have already shown to be far more superior visually. This is, of course, going to depend on your hardware but let us offer the MSI Night Blade as a benchmark.

Simply put, the unit is packing heat. It boasts top-shelf components including a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 4670K, 8GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD drive, and an AMD Radeon R9 290x—dream specs for any hardcore gamer. So far, these numbers have translated to a superb experience in games such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Dark Souls 2, Company Of Heroes, Battlefield 4, and of course, NBA 2K15. We cranked up the settings to ultra in these games, and the system still provided buttery frame rates.   

IGN has a series of videos comparing graphics from the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. One of their latest is Shadow Of Mordor. Check it out:

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