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A Compilation Of First-Timers Losing Their Shit Over Virtual Reality

While VR is now, well, a reality, it's still pretty alien to most of the population. These clips are proof.
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 14, 2016
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The past couple of years saw the resurgence of virtual reality's (VR) popularity, thanks to gizmos like the Oculus Rift and Samsung's Gear VR.

Be that as it may, the tech is still far from being mainstream. Have you seen anyone sporting a VR gadget the past few months? We thought so.

While virtual reality is now, well, a reality, it's still pretty alien to most of the population. Proof: The interesting ways (read: shouting, flailing, cussing) VR virgins react to their first taste of virtualy reality goodness, as demonstrated by the videos below.

(For the record, we here at FHM HQ have already experienced what it's like to be seemingly transported to a different, virtual world, thanks to our playtime with the Oculus Rift. We're really fortunate to have that emotion-filled [mostly shock and awe] experience, and you can check it out here. #Blessed)

Virtual reality can be an assault to our sense of balance

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It can also make sweet ol' granny oh-so-giddy

Meanwhile, these kiddos were able to give a detailed review of the technology

Would your mom freak out the way this woman did?

Apparently, it can also be used to prank VR noobs (Warning: turn down the volume!)

Careful trying out VR in public. Doing so can land you an unwanted spot on YouTube


The future of horror games: VR-flavored scare-fests!

This dude is waaay too engrossed in VR

How about this gal who's too freaked out to even put her feet down?

The Tonight Show
host, Jimmy Fallon, demonstrates how to produce VR art (amidst a sea of laughs and awkward hand gestures). (Skip to the 3:02 mark for the good part)

Okay, we know you've been waiting for it: Priceless reactions to virtual reality porn!

 Manny Pacquiao tries out virtual reality!

Kudos to our Pambansang Kamao for keeping his shit together during the whole activity.

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