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Today In WTF News: Company Doesn't Want People Having Sex With Their Robot

Control your primal urges, fellow humans!
by FHM UK | Sep 29, 2015
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If you were thinking about having sex with a robot–firstly, why would you ever think that? Secondly, you definitely can’t have sex with Pepper, a popular, emotion-reading Japanese robot created by android firm SoftBank.

The company recently released guidelines in the user agreement for Pepper, stating that the robot’s owner must not perform any sexual or otherwise indecent acts on the robot, according to The Guardian.

We already know that the lines between sex and tech have become heavily blurred. SoftBank, it appears, is here to un-blur those lines for any individuals who are still unsure. Anyone who doesn’t take these guidelines seriously is reportedly liable for punitive action.

Unfamiliar with the household robot which sold out in Japan, in just under a day? Here’s Pepper the robot being interviewed earlier in July 2014…

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