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FHM's Guide To Local iPhone 5S and 5C Postpaid and Prepaid Prices!

The big question is, which side are you on?
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 8, 2013
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Pinoy iPhone fans, one of your most asked questions has finally been answered! Earlier today, Globe and Smart officially spilled the beans on the Philippine prices of the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C! High five for those who've been waiting!

iphone 5s 5c pricing philippines

Our fave iPhone 5S color: Champagne Gold. Pangmayaman eh!

As we've previously mentioned, Apple's latest and greatest handsets will come in sooner (about a month earlier to be exact) than expected here in Pinas! As such, the price reveal also came earlier compared to last year. This bodes well for those planning to snag the new iPhones using their Christmas bonus or 13th month pay since they'll have more time to think about budgeting techniques (if you have to ask, ours require a lot of "dieting").

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iphone 5c 5s pricing philippinesThe reaction of the iPhone fanboy in us when the
official SRPs were finally announced

Anyway, we won't keep you waiting anymore, baka batukan niyo na kami eh! Let's start things off with the official SRP deets from Smart!

Smart's iPhone 5S/5C postpaid and prepaid pricing

Here's a chart showing Smart's prepaid and postpaid pricing and packages for the new iPhones:

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iphone 5c 5s pricing philippines

Whoa! Numbers galore! If you're finding the chart too kagulo for comfort, let us help you out. On top of each column are the postpaid packages where the new iPhones can be had with. On the left side are the different device variants (iPhone 5C at 16 and 32GB; iPhone 5S at 16, 32, and 64GB).

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The fees you see in each box are NOT the total amount you'll pay (outside of the prepaid packages). Lugi daw ang telco pag ganun! These are actually the fees you have to shoulder on top of your chosen plan's monthly fee—aka gadget cash-out. For example, if you want to get a 16GB iPhone 5C at UnliData Plan 1500, you'll also have to pay an additional P2,500 for the smartphone.

iphone 5s 5c philippines pricing

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However, for iPhone Plan 999, you can choose to pay the cash-out straight-up or divide it into 24 months (the minimum amount of time you'll have to stay tied to a postpaid plan). If you choose the latter, an installment or amortization fee will be charged on top of the monthly plan fee.

Still confusing? Here's another example: Let's say you want to get the 16GB iPhone 5S under iPhone Plan 999. See that P19,200 figure? Divide that by 24 and you'll get P800, which is the monthly gadget amortization fee. Add that to the plan's own default monthly fee (in this case, P999), and you'll get how much you'll have to pay every month: P1,799.

Gets mga bros?

If you're allergic to monthly fees, a prepaid pricing scheme can also be found in the chart. You can also click here to know more about Smart's postpaid plans!

NEXT: Globe wants you to have a new iPhone every year!

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