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#AngSakit: The Philippines Has The Slowest Internet In Southeast Asia!

Well, this is sucky (but somewhat expected). So what do we do about it? Here are simple things you can do whenever your Internet slows down.
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 21, 2014
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According to the infographic below, our country's Internet sucks big time. "Anong more fun in the Philippines?" says the frustrated local web surfer.

slow internet philippinesImage credit: ASEAN DNA

The infographic, which was made by ASEAN DNA (a site that promotes shared values in the Southeast Asian region), displays one kahiya fact: We have the slowest average Internet speed in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)! How slow? 3.6Mbps. That's even slower than Indonesia (4.1Mbps) and Laos (4.0Mbps)two countries you normally wouldn't associate with jaw-dropping Internet speeds.

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As for the ASEAN average (12.4Mbps), we're almost ten freakin' points behind, with Singapore being the fastest in the region at a whopping 61Mbps. Sixty-effing-one-Mbps.

Let's put that to perspective (read: in relation to downloading a big-ass 8GB porn video):

  • With Pinas' 3.6Mbps speed: Around five hours and 18 minutes
  • With Singapore's 61Mbps speed: Done in less than 19 minutes

The global average is even faster at 17.4Mbps. In local basketball parlance, tambak tayo!

We have to clarify though that we're talking about average speed here. This means we have Internet connections that are faster than 3.6Mbps. For example, PLDT's Home Fibr service can reportedly deliver 100Mbps to residential areas. This gives us hope. The only problem? Cash. You'll need to pay at least P20,000 every month to enjoy such privileges.

So we guess most of us are stuck with 3.6Mbps. Usad-pagong buffering times, laggy online gaming, sites taking forever to load: they’re as regular to Pinoys as long and sweaty MRT lines.

But because we're optimists, we'd like to look at this "problem" another way. Sure, our Internet is as slow as EDSA traffic on a payday Friday, but slower Internet speeds also mean more waiting time. And you can use this extra time to do other (semi) productive stuff! Check out our examples on the next page—starring the Pinoy Meme King, Totoy Brown—to see what we mean!

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