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Your Guide to iPhone 5 Prepaid and Postpaid Pricing!

Is your pocket (and bank account) deep enough for Apple's latest and greatest?
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 10, 2012
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Last week, Apple finally and officially announced that the iPhone 5 will be available here in the Philippines on December 14. That's this Friday, to be exact. Konting tiis na lang!

If you're planning to buy the smartphone and have the money to do so, here are the official prices from both Smart and Globe. Uunahan na namin kayo, it ain't cheap, which is to be expected. But hey, at least you'll save yourself from spending much, much more via risky, non-legit transactions. Take that, shady stalls in Greenhills!

Smart Communications iPhone 5 pricing

iPhone 5 Plans

  • Plan 999: P999 plan fee + monthly amortization rate (P999 for 16GB, P1,200 for 32GB, P1,450 for 64GB)
  • Plan 2499: P2499 plan fee + monthly amortization rate (FREE for 16GB and 32GB, P300 for 64GB)

All-In Plans

  • All-In 500: P500 monthly plan fee + P23,800 (16GB), P28,700 (32GB), P33,400 (64GB)
  • All-In 800: P800 monthly plan fee + P23,000 (16GB), P28,000 (32GB), P33,000 (64GB)
  • All-In 1200: P1,200 monthly plan fee + P19,800 (16GB), P24,000 (32GB), P29,400 (64GB)
  • All-In 1800: P1,800 monthly plan fee + P12,000 (16GB), P17,000 (32GB), P21,000 (64GB)
  • All-In 2500: P2,500 monthly plan fee + P7,500 (16GB), P12,300 (32GB), P17,100 (64GB)

Unli Data Plans

  • Data 1500: P1,500 monthly plan fee + P10,000 (16GB), P15,000 (32GB), P19,000 (64GB)
  • Data 2000: P2,000 monthly plan fee + P2,500 (16GB), P12,000 (32GB), P14,000 (64GB)
  • Data 3000: P3,000 monthly plan fee + P2,900 (64GB), 16GB and 32GB models are FREE


  • iPhone 5 16GB: P33,600
  • iPhone 5 32GB: P38,780
  • iPhone 5 64GB: P43,950

The pricing basically includes the monthly plan fee (depends on the plan itself), and either the monthly smartphone amortization fee or a one-time cash-out you'll have to pay for the device.

Note: All postpaid plans have  a lock-in period of 2 years. To know what's inside Smart's iPhone 5 postpaid packages, click here.

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