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5 Video Game Plants To End The Plants Vs. Zombies War Once And For All

The new <em>Plants Vs. Zombies</em> game, <em>Garden Warfare</em>, is quite the change. We join the fray and suggest more radical innovations!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 5, 2014
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For those who've never been bitten by the Plants Vs. Zombies bug, this cult hit is a tower-defense game where you plant varieties of fauna to defend you from a seemingly never-ending horde of zombies. Apparently, plants are the best defense against the undead. 

The battles are plotted on a 2D-tiled landscape, where the zombies advance from the right and you plant sunflowers and pea-shooters on the left.

This week, the franchise officially transitions to the world of 3D with the release of Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. From the two-dimensional playing field, the plants and zombies have now become soldiers a la Call Of Duty (with less historical shoot-outs and more goofy cartoon characters trying to eradicate each other in ways that the Looney Tunes would be proud of).

Would the transition be smooth? Would it still be fun? The Internet thinks so. Metacritic's verdict on the game revels on the fact that, in spite of the change in genre, the title retains the lighthearted fun offered by the original. Even if the mobile games and Garden Warfare are two vastly different beasts, the PVZ's characters and spirit lives on.

For fans of the series wanting to see the franchise under a new light, and for those that have gotten bored of all those dark, grimy shooters, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is an alternative worth checking out.

Here's some sample gameplay:

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But you know what? Three games into the series and the war between the two factions still has no end in sight. So how do we end the zombie menace once and for all? Our solution: Recruit other video game plants, and put an end to this cartoon-y undead war once and for all!

Below are our top five fauna imports!

1) Super Mario's Fire Flower


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Bio: A circular flower with the face of innocence; gives anyone that picks it up the ability to shoot fireballs

Method of destruction: Unlimited fireballs

Possible zombie counter: Bite the flower-bearer and turn him into a zombie himself

Here's a legitimate real-life demo:


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