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Happy 20th Birthday, PlayStation: 10 Things We Miss Most About The Iconic Console
Can you believe the Sony PlayStation has now been around for 20 years?! We'll never forget the moment we first got a hold of this awesome, gray console.
by Chris Martin | Dec 3, 2014
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Ayaw mag-load ng CD? Dude, baligtarin mo lang yung PlayStation, gagana na yan!”

Today, December 3, marks the 20th anniversary of the first Sony PlayStation console (aka the console of our childhood, aka the reason why we failed most of our school subjects, aka the reason why we probably never had time to work on our chick-attracting skills ).

First launched in Japan on December 3, 1994, the gaming machine did not only shape how the world plays today, it also shaped the teenage years of a significant portion of FHM Nation. A huge reason why no other PlayStation (nor any console) has as much nostalgia as the first PS.

And today, we’re gonna remind you why as we revive our #feels for the PS1 and list down the 10 things we miss about The Best Machine We Ever Had As A Kid.

But first, let’s set the mood with this vid:

Video via sonyplaystation

The Eargasm You Get From The Startup Sound

What’s better than sex? That’s right, nothing. But coming in close at number two is the orgasmic startup sound of the PlayStation 1. During the time of the console’s release, the heavy and imposing opening sound was proof that Sony had built a masterpiece. For us, the sound was proof that we were the coolest kids in school.

Listen to it today, and let the warm memories hug your heart. This is what #feels is all about, brothers in gaming.

Although as satisfying as the startup sound was, it was also sometimes a cause for panic, especially when the sound played for more than 10 seconds. But this wasn’t a big deal then since there’s always…

The Upside Down Trick

Image via

You come home from school, all ready to practice Jin Kazama’s combos in Tekken 3...but wait, what's this? Why isn’t the game loading?! You tap on the console thinking that will do, you get a mini heart attack, and then you remember a trick taught to you by virgins gaming experts: the Upside Down trick. You turn the PlayStation upside down (some put it sideways) and, boom, the game is working again. MAGIC.

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And unlike the placebo effect of the blowing-on-the-cartridge trick, the Upside Down trick is legit. By turning the console upside down, you allow the lens to rest and ride on the unworn top rail as opposed to the bottom one, which has been worn out by regular use.

Our Collection of PlayStation CDs

Image via

Unlike our PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 collection, our PlayStation 1 games library was massive all thanks to piracy the hardworking game producers and developers. Games, illegitimate as they were, then fetched for the low, low price of P35 a pop. We had so many CDs that we either had to have two or three CD case tower racks or one or two thick CD wallet cases.

And there was always this urge to be the kid with the largest collection. Comparing how many PS games we had was basically the kid version of “Who has the bigger penis?”

The Multiple CDs Per Game

Image via

Another reason why our PlayStation CD collection was so huge is because of the games that have multiple CDs. Sure, it was a hassle to switch from Disc 1 to Disc 2 to Disc 3 to Disc x, but it was a hassle we were willing to endure. Why? Two words:

5)   Final Fantasy

The series began on the NES, built its name on the SNES, but had its biggest moments on the PS. For most of us, the PlayStation was the console that introduced us to the franchise. In an era that would be dominated by JRPGs (we're looking at you Suikoden, Lunar, Breath Of Fire and Legend Of Dragoon), FF VII was the all-too-powerful gateway drug—introducing us to effed up hairstyles, "limit breaks," and Tifa’s bewbs.

The PlayStation also gave us three of the greatest Final Fantasy titles in history. And no matter how many hours we’ve spent leveling up, getting all the Summons, and playing the side quests, the games always had another power-up to collect, another secret boss to beat, and another Chocobo to breed.

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Video via

Spending that much time on a couple of titles wasn’t much of a problem though, all thanks to…

6)   The Memory Card

PlayStation’s Memory Card was one of the most sacred items we had in our childhood. Losing a Memory Card or even having your files accidentally deleted (either because of a recurring blackout or because of a friend you pissed off when you kicked his ass in SoulCalibur) is like having your soul being taken away from your body.

The PS2, PS3, and PS4 will never be as cool as the PS1 because of this bad boy right here:

   The First Time You Felt DualShock’s Good Vibrations

The first time we felt the DualShock controller vibrate, we giggled like little girls who were asked out by their crushes. It felt damn good. Ever since, we always make sure the small rectangular red light at the bottom of the controller was on, simply because the vibrations made us feel like we were actually living the game.

Suddenly, the controller below just felt...inadequate:

The Cheats and Walkthroughs at or

At the height of PlayStation 1’s popularity came the Wikipedia of gamers in the '90s, The website-slash-message board was the go-to place for all the gamers who were looking for tips and tricks and gamers who couldn’t find a social life in the real world.

The websites are still active today (it’s just one year younger than the PlayStation, by the way), but with sites like IGN, Gamespot, and Google around, they're more like nostalgic reminders from an older era when we had the time to read a looooong, super-detailed text-only strategy guide on how to unlock a stupid door in Resident Evil or how to beat a Metal Gear boss. 

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The Puyatan Sessions

Today, we lose sleep over DOTA. Back then, finishing missions in Tenchu or completing the "Stars Of Destiny" in Suikoden or unlocking all the costumes in Dead Or Alive or making the perfect bot in Armored Core or getting the gold chocobo in FF VII kept us (secretly) awake even during school days.

It was totally worth it:

Back then, late night PlayStation sessions were a test of acting and ninja skills. We all tried to avoid getting caught by the parents by quickly turning off the TV and pretending to be asleep whenever they check our rooms in the middle of the night.

And finally…

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