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Playstation Move, PS3's motion control platform launches

<p>I like to move it, move it</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 16, 2010
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Less than 18 months after it was unveiled, the Playstation Move is finally here. [firstpara]
The motion control system is set for release on September 17 in the United States, and will most probably be available in Philippine gaming stores shortly thereafter.

The Move is primed to be Sony’s answer to the swinging ways of the Nintendo Wii, as well as Microsoft’s controller-free Kinect motion control system.

Motion control is the biggest selling point of the Nintendo Wii, and remains to be so four years after it was launched in 2006.

But with motion control, the Sony Playstation 3 offers better graphics. So it's not just the ability to play virtual tennis with motion control, but also a high-definition experience the new PS3 has in store for gamers.

Microsoft’s Kinect, on the other hand, won’t be launching until November, so effectively, the Playstation 3 and the Move will be the first console to offer a high-def, motion-controlled gaming experience. And as you know, it’s always a plus to be first.

The price of admission though isn’t that cheap. The Playstation Move motion controller will retail for $50 in the United States, while the Move navigation controller, which is a one-handed supplementary controller designed for use in conjunction with the PlayStation Move motion controller for some games will sell for another $30.

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To use the Move, you also need the Playstation Eye camera peripheral which tracks the movement of the Move motion controller, and that also sells for $30.

Add the Playstation Move charging base, which charges the motion and navigation controller simultaneously and costs another $30, and the Playstation Move shooting attachment, which costs $20, and you’d have to agree that this is a major gaming investment.

In the end though, it’s all going to boil down to what games the Playstation Move will be able to offer. If the Move experience is as psychedelic as the following rad advertisement says it would be, then maybe all those dollar signs you just saw would be worth it.


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