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Playtime with the ASUS VivoTab RT

Not your ordinary tablet
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 6, 2012
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Guys and gals, this is the ASUS VivoTab RT. It's actually a tablet (with a keyboard dock) and, judging from the number of tabs currently in the market today, one might say "ho-hum" rather than the more positive "whoa!" to it.

But before you dismiss this little bugger as another run-of-the-mill product, allow us to describe it with this line from The Transformers, it's more than meets the eye! (Sorry, that just had to be done.) For one, the VivoTab runs on the newly-minted Windows 8, making it one of a locally select few. It also reminds us of one of the most popular creatures of local folklore: the manananggal. Wait, what? Check out the gallery below for our exclusive hands-on of the device and find out why being unique is in its DNA.

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Note: The ASUS VivoTab RT's SRP is P38,995. Expect it to land in local store shelves very soon.

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