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PLDT's new TelPad reinvents 'telebabad'

Landline of the future?
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 11, 2012
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Remember way back when you would sit by the phone for hours waiting for that special person to call, then cellphones became accessible and affordable and sitting by the landline became no more? Well, PLDT is reinventing the trusty landline with their new, improved Telpad, a landline phone-tablet hybrid that promises to change the way you understand and do "telebabad."

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"Technology is known to be cold and inanimate but we want to reverse that and make tech warm at home," says Ariel Fermin, EVP of PLDT Home Business. "The power of Telpad and its native app, TelMeHow, [provides users] with inspiring, funny and informative videos on a wide array of interests. We get our inspiration from a cause and that is to provide the strongest connections at home." Patrick Tang, VP for Home Market, Voice and Micro Business adds that the Telpad is the world's first landline and tablet service that's also a multimedia player. "It's still your trusty landline service where you can enjoy umlimited broadband internet ... but imagine browsing the Forever 21 site on it and being able to order and have it delivered to your home."

The PLDT Telpad comes in two iterations---the Telpad Wave 2.3 and the S7 Slim. Both run on Android, and are capable of downloading apps directly from Google Play. As we've said, the Telpad has it's own app called TelMeHow that sources useful knowledge for the home. Topics such as fashion, travel, photography, sports and even first-aid can be accessed from the app via streamed tutorial videos.

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Check out our screenshot of the cooking tutorial:

Telpad cooking

We spoke to photographer and director Paul Ticzon, one of the professionals whom PLDT enlisted the help of in making TelMeHow episodes, and he says that they've done five basic photography episodes so far for the Telpad, with about fifteen more planned in the future, so there sure won't be a shortage of content for  owners. He says it's the basic things people need to know (i.e. how to use a DSLR, what accessories to bring and what camera is best to use) that they decided to include in the episodes, and left out the more complicated, advanced tutorials.

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TelMeHow will also source from publications such as Rappler to bring news straight into the home, and PLDT promises to come out with a section that features user-generated content. Think YouTube, but made by Pinoys for us Pinoys.

One thing's for sure, phone time went from being on the receiver, talking for hours to being on the Telpad and learning new things. How's that for telebabad?

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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