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6 'Pokémon GO' Dream Updates, According To Hardcore Trainers

Happy anniversary to the revolutionary game!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 7, 2017
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This date marks the day the dream of every Pokémon fan was realized last year: Pokémon GO was launched.

Aspiring trainers were forced to get off the couch and experience the outdoors in the hopes of coming across a wild Pokémon and hatching new ones. Weird stuff has happened to people looking for pocket monsters in the most unlikely places.

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But after 365 days of trying to "catch 'em all" and minor text fixes (inside joke), the hype surrounding the augmented reality game has died down, apparent with the significant drop in active players despite the rollout of a recent major update.

To commemorate the first anniversary of the gaming phenomenon, and hopefully, make Pokémon GO great again, FHM asked loyal trainers for suggestions regarding in-game features that they want to see in the coming days.

Message board

"Since Gym upgrades and Raids were introduced, I found that it would be more helpful and interactive if they could add some sort of 'message board' so players can call for reinforcements. Due to the lack of trainers at the Gym, my first cooperative Raid attempt was a failure.

"And please, (more) legendaries! I want my Mew!" —Matt

Address borrowed accounts

"First, ban location spoofers. Though I'm not quite sure, they say the use of fake GPS is still widespread. At the same time, I met this one dude who visits a Gym in our area regularly, and manages to fill all of the six slots there. Basically, he has access to five other Pokémon GO accounts and pilots all of them to do Raids. The group does the same thing when a rare Pokémon appears, so everyone could catch it. I hope those issues are taken care of." —Wif

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Personalized Pokés, PvP

"I'm thinking of an additional feature or maybe a passive attribute that will allow your Pokémon to represent your playstyle. Present battles are won by type advantage and combat power, but that wasn't the case in the original game. Also, in my opinion, developers should look into the player vs player (PvP) dynamic if they want the game to last. The current endgame of 'catch(ing) 'em all' simply won't cut it." —JL


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Custom animation

"I would like better graphics during Gym Raids, and improved depiction of special abilities unique to each Pokémon. For example, an Electrodude is shown self-destructing." —Chise

Trading system

"Hopefully, a trading system will be introduced soon, so duplicates of uncommon Pokemon aren't just converted into Candy. The idea is 'gotta catch 'em all,' and implementing trades will make it easier to expand the Pokédex, particularly in the case of the region-specific kind." —Arvin

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Moveset modification

"If there's way for Pokemon to learn or change TM/HM moves, that would be great. It will open the game to new possibilities in terms of damage potential and move unpredictability. —Macky


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