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Nine Minutes Of 'Pokémon GO' Beta Gameplay Leaked

The footage shows character customization, gym battles, and Pokémon eggs
by Mark Coles | Apr 29, 2016
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Additional information about upcoming augmented-reality video game Pokémon GO has just been revealed thanks to YouTuber Darkathion, whose video reveal details not previously shown by Nintendo. According to the video’s description, Darkathion participated in the game’s beta testing in Australia.

In the video, Darkathion creates his trainer by choosing its gender, clothing, and facial features. He then wanders around his area, and catches a few Pokémon, while acquiring Pokémon eggs and gym battle experience along the way.

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The leaked footage shows off Pokémon Go's spin on some classic Pokémon gameplay staples, such as the turn-based battle system and the Pokédex which shows how many Pokémon you've captured and their information.

One notable feature that stands out is that players actually need to aim their Pokéballs to catch wild Pokémon. Miss and you’ll need to use another one. Another feature is that players can choose between viewing the game through an animated background or through a live feed of the area using the phone’s camera.


The video also shows that players do not start with a starter Pokémon, a feature that is present in the previous games. To get a Pokémon, you need to get out and catch them.


Officially announced September of last year, Nintendo and game developer Niantic has yet to reveal a release date for the game. They have however started the beta phase of the game in Japan and in Australia and New Zealand.

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