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The 3 Types Of Pinoy 'Pokemon GO' Players

Which group do you belong to?
by F. Valencia | Aug 7, 2016
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As soon as Pokémon GO became available in the Philippines, Pinoys downloaded the game and started hunting down imaginary pocket monsters.

Based on tweets, we concluded that when it comes to Pokémon GO, there are three groups of Filipinos.

The Fanatics

These are the people who would give up sleep, sanity, and pretty much everything else for the love of Pokémon GO.

The Public Service Announcers

These are the people on hardcore "tito/tita mode" who issue warnings of your phone getting snatched (and other concerns) while you're hunting down imaginary monsters.


The Pokémon No-Go Group

They're the ones who've been left out of the game.



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