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These Latest 'Pokémon GO' Updates Will Solve A Lot Of Problems

No need to worry about Dragonites and Blisseys making Gyms damn invincible
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 20, 2017
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The Pokémon GO hype may have died down, but that isn't stopping the team behind the augmented reality phenomenon from bringing back disgruntled players.

In the midst of its Fire and Ice solstice anniversary event, Pokémon GO's official website announced a handful of updates that will change the game as we know it, particularly its competitive aspect.

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Developers will be temporarily disabling Gyms in preparation of this massive rollout. In exchange for a few days of not being able to claim your Defender Bonus is Pokémon GO addressing the following issues:

1) Your neighborhood has 10 Gyms but not a PokéStop in sight
- Gyms will be doubling as PokéStops and can be relied upon for supplies

2) Team Mystic placed eight Blisseys in the nearest Gym - Gyms will feature six permanent slots; each has to be assigned with unique Pokémon

3) A Level 40 Dragonite can't be beaten - Gym Pokémon will have a motivation meter, which goes down every time it loses a battle and goes up whenever fed with a Berry


4) Your Gym activity isn't rewarded enough - Gym Badges can be earned and leveled up (battling, Berries, swiping) to receive bonus items

5) You haven't really made friends through the game - Raid Battles will be introduced for a more "cooperative gameplay experience" with up to 20 other Trainers

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6) Only Pidgeys and Sentrets are spawning in your area - Raid Battles will feature "extremely powerful" Boss Pokémon, which can be defeated, caught, and drop new items

7) Lack a few more Candies for that evolution you have long sought for - Rare Candy will turn into a chosen Pokémon's Candy

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8) Razz Berries just can't get you good Pokémon in the wild - Golden Razz Berry will increase catch rates and recover the motivation meter

9) Pokémon has great individual values (IV) but a shitty moveset - Technical Machines (Fast Attack or Charged Attack) will be available, like in the Game Boy releases


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