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WATCH: 'Pokémon GO' Stampede Signals Looming Apocalypse

Thank goodness it hasn't reached our shores yet
by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 23, 2016
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It's been almost a month since Pokémon GO launched in the Philippines. Save for a few dubious high-level players and snatched phones, the local run of the hit augmented-reality game has gone smoothly so far.

That seems not to be the case in other countries, though, specifically in Taiwan, where Pokémon GO is close to causing mass hysteria.


In a video uploaded on Facebook over the weekend, a human stampede is seen packing what looks like a major thoroughfare at the Xinbeitou District in Taipei.

The original uploader wrote in the caption that the throng supposedly spotted a Snorlax, which is considered rare and is usually acquired from hatching 10-kilometer eggs.

Witness the frenzy reminiscent of a zombie apocalypse movie unfold after the pedestrian light changed to green:

TIME reported that Pokémon GO players have been flocking Xinbeitou after multiple sightings of the gentle giant. The situation has become so dire that civil-defense authorities and neighboring policemen have been radioed for help.

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Perhaps this is the reason Niantic, Inc. held off releasing the game in some Asian countries.

However, this isn't the first time players went batshit-crazy for a Pokémon,  New York experienced a similar occurrence, during the game's debut when a throng of people suddenly flocked to Central Park to catch Vaporeon.


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