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Here's What We Know About Pokémon Sun And Moon

Make way for Nintendo's newest game in town
by Tanya Umali | Nov 24, 2016
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This year, Nintendo is celebrating Pokémon's 20th anniversary, and what better way to do so than by treating fans with not just one, but two games. Enter Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nintendo's newest 3DS games that have been tweaked and redesigned to captivate players on a global scale.

Admittedly, we've been itching for another decent game from Nintendo ever since the release of Pokémon X and Y. Thankfully, the gaming company answered our prayers with the release of Sun and Moon, and so far, it's been getting good reviews. 

So, if you're planning to get your hands on either one of the two games (or even both of them), might as well educate yourselves on what to expect.

We've rounded up a few of the things we know about Sun and Moon to help you decide which one to buy:

1) They are two separate games that are almost basically the same

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Though sold separately, there are only a few differences between the two. For one, there will be Pokémon in Sun that will not be in Moon, and vice versa. Also, Pokémon Sun is set during the day, while Pokémon Moon at night.

2) It's different from Pokémon GO

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Though Pokémon GO was a huge success this year, don't expect that Sun and Moon will be the same. Unlike Pokémon GO, Sun and Moon won't really require you to go outside and hunt for Pokémon. The settings are preloaded into the game so you can explore different locations from the comfort of your own home. 

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3) It won't be available in smartphones

Even though Nintendo is showing an interest in integrating their games into the mobile world, this won't be the case for Sun and Moon. The two games can be played exclusively on the 3DS.

4) There will be 800 Pokémon to catch

Completing your Pokédex will require a lot of time in this game. The number of pocket monsters you can catch while playing Pokémon GO are not even half of those found in Sun and Moon. Of course, the most popular characters such as Pidgey, Charmander, and even Pikachu will be present for all the action.

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5) You can battle

Like other Pokémon games, you can also train against other Pokémon in Sun and Moon. There's also a new type effectiveness indicator wherein you need not memorize certain moves that your Pokémon should do. Sun and Moon automatically remembers the effectiveness of a certain move once you start using it versus another Pokémon.

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6) Aloha, Alola!

Pokémon will be given a huge boost in their Alola forms. It's different from evolving your characters though. For example, an Exeggutor in Alola will have certain abilities and unique characteristics that Exeggutors in other regions don't have. Think of it as dressing up your Pokémon for it to have different style from the others. 

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7) No gyms and badges

Sadly, battling gym leaders and earning badges have been removed from Pokémon Sun and Moon. These two features have been replaced with beating island trials and battling with captains on the four different regions of Alola. There are also scavenger hunts and quizzes along the way.

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8) There will be trading

Not only can you trade Pokémon but also tools with random players. You can also receive a special Pokémon or wild ones if you swap one of yours. 

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9) Z-moves

It's kind of like the Mega Evolutions found in Pokémon X and Y. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, players receive a Z-ring which enables them to hold Z-crystals that can be found all over the Alola regions. These crystals are essential for battling in order to be able to use special moves against opponents. However, these can only be used once per battle. A player is only allowed to carry six Z-crystals at a time.

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10) You can interact with your Pokémon

Like a Tamagotchi, you can also take care of your Pokémon. As a trainer, you can shop for new clothes, and pet and groom your pet should you choose to do so. 


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