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5 things to expect from BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

New features for BB fans!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 16, 2012
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If there's anything we can expect for sure in 2012, it's the continuing rise of the tablets. Many big-time tech companies who have access to and a good relationship with component suppliers in Asia will be coming out with a tablet soon, running the risk of oversaturation in the market. Three things that'll have consumers sticking to their choice slates though: network efficiency, security, and ease of use---characteristics that RIM says their products are known for.

People who own or at least handled the PlayBook are sure to have noticed its difference from other tablets. Bottom and top swipe on the UI seems like a small feature to have, but it's actually convenient in the long run. Forget pressing a button on the side to close or go back to the menu, it's as easy as a swipe up. That's why we're sure BlackBerry loyalists are excited for PlayBook OS 2.0, and we're lucky enough to have been invited by RIM for a preview of what we can expect from the update.

We tried asking RIM execs when the update would be available, but all the only thing they would tell us is that it's coming to devices "very soon."

Scroll down to take a glimpse at the new features

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