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HARDWARE HIGHLIGHT: The Promate 240 Is A Godsend This Brownout Season

It's a power bank on steroids!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 15, 2015
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If there's one thing that sucks more than wet socks and shoes and hellish traffic about the rainy season, it's the fact that we've got to brace ourselves for yet another round of unexpected rotating brownouts!

Bring out the candles everybody!

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Fortunately, we're now in 2015 and we're quite equipped to deal with the horrors brought about by electricity suddenly ditching usfrom lack of Internet to baskil nights without the AC. Power banks? Sure. Spare batteries? Nice. Emergency lights? Whatever.

What we're about to show you though combines all that and more into one fine, magnificent device that's basically a godsend during this time of the year where electricity can be as unpredictable as your girl's mood swings.

Lads, give it up for Powertech's Promate 240!

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promate 240
Described as an indoor power station that's built for brownouts that last a few hours, this bad boy acts as your saviour everytime you fall off the grid. Here are five reasons why.


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Yeswithout the fumes, diesel smell, and ear-shattering sound, that is. The Promate 240 produces enough power to power up most of your household appliancesfrom your TV sets to that indoor portable sauna you use to get rid of your dad bodthanks to a 24Ah sealed lead acid battery and a couple of built-in power sockets.


Aside from your appliances, the Promate 240 also provides juice for your more techie thingamajigs like your laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It comes with three USB ports so you can charge up to three gizmos at any one timekinda like a power bank on steroids. As for battery life, the Promate 240 can provide emergency power for up to several hours depending on the number of gadgets you're charging using it, enough for you to survive one long brownout without going crazy.


promate 240
You can technically bring the old school, gas-guzzling generators we often see at the backs of huge houses and buildings with you. All you need are a few other buff bros and a mini truck. With the Promate 240, all you'll need is yourself. Weighing 13 kilos, it's certainly not feathery-light but still light enough that even scrawny dudes can carry it off and place it on, say, the back of a pickup truck as a reserve power source for a camping sesh. The cute gal in the photo above certainly agrees!

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The Promate 240 packs a powerful LED bulb which can serve as a much-needed light source when it suddenly goes dark, perfect when you don't have candles or lamps that can be powered via the wall socket. This is no one-trick pony right here.


promate 240
If ever your car decides to be pakipot and hard to start, no thanks to a struggling battery, don't fret! with packaged jumper wires, the Promate 240 can even jumpstart your ride. Fully charge it first (which can take more than six hours depending on how drained the built-in battery is) to make sure it has enough power to do so.

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Note: The Promate 240 can be charged via your car's charging port, the wall socket, or solar panels (bought separately). It's now available locally for just P9,999.

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