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This Smartphone Case Can Also Print Your Selfies!

The Prynt smartphone case can do more than just protect your precious handset! It can also instantly print your #selfies!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 20, 2014
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We're suckers for smartphone covers that can do more than just protect our flimsy handsets, like this Otterbox case that can give your iPhone "extra life," or these kinky, fantasy-stimulating, hard-on-inducing, almost NSFW creations.

So when we learned about another case that has a "special something," we were all ears! Geeks, check out the Prynt smartphone case:

prynt smartphone case

Yes, it looks like it ate a couple of other smartphone cases; but that's because it's also an instant photo-printing machine!

Believe it, bro. Here it is in action:

Video via TechCrunch

Created by a French startup company which goes by the same name, the Prynt smartphone case transforms the dream of many mobile photography enthusiasts into reality: print photos immediately after you snapped them without the need for a separate printer! Let's rephrase that: With the Prynt, you can now instantly get a hard copy of every selfie or group-fie you take!

Of course, you'll still need the photo paper specifically designed for it, which of course the company plans to sell as well.

Here's another nifty: The Prynt smartphone case also captures a short video while you're taking a photo. After you print the photo, you can view it using your phone's camera and the short clip that was recorded earlier will replace the static photo with moving images. Augmented reality, FTW!

Confused? Here's a GIF to explain things:

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