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Why The PS Vita TV Might Actually Be The New Console You Need

There's a new console in town and it's smaller than your hand!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 23, 2014
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When the sought-after PlayStation 4 officially hit our shores earlier this month, we made a quick count of our money...and saw that we were still way, way short of its P24,999 asking price.

The odds that we'll be playing a new console anytime soon seemed like a distant dream.

Enter the PS Vita TV, a handheld console transformed into a home console:The PS Vita TV was launched in the country on the same day as the PS4, as we have also previously announced. Unfortunately, due to the madness and hype created by its big bro, the diminutive Vita TV went pretty much unnoticed in the eyes of all but the most hardcore of gamers.

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Here's how we summed up the tiny powerhouse in our PS4 launch article:

"This little device—about the size of a small external hard drive—is the Vita minus the display and controls. That means it can also play your Vita games, but instead of being confined to a small 5-inch display, you can enjoy them on your TV. Just connect the Vita TV to your boob tube using an HDMI cable, insert a PS Vita Card (a memory card created by Sony used to store Vita games), and you're good to go. As for the controller, you can use a PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 to play wirelessly."

There's barely anything there that made us go, "OMG, this is the new console I want" least until we can come up with the huge wads of investment money the PS4 and the Xbox One requires. 

Upon closer inspection, however, we realized that the PS Vita TV just might be the new toy a gamer like us needs. Below are our reasons.

1) Its form factor breaks the norm of what a home console should look like

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The norm is that a console is always bigger than its controller. The PS Vita TV turns the world around with a size that's only half a PlayStation controller. It looks like an iPod MP3 player that has no business running hi-def games.
Except that's exactly what it does. Outputting video at up to 1080i resolution, the Vita TV isn't as powerful as the PS3. But for such a tiny device, it sure can hold its own. Here are a few graphical comparisons:

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