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PS3 VS. PS4: A Comparison of Launch Game Graphics!

We take a long, hard look at the only thing that really matters when new consoles arrive: the graphics
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 28, 2013
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With every new console, we easily get mired in discussions involving tech specs ("OMG gigabytes and gigabytes of RAM!"); cool if somewhat unnecessary features ("OMG I can boot up my console with the power of my voice!"); and, as is the case in recent generations, hardware problems ("OMG Disc Drive of Doom, Blue Light of Death, and so on and so forth).

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s natural gamer behavior.

However natural though, we mustn’t let the nitty-gritty distract us from the ONLY thing that really, really matters every time a new system lands on our laps: the friggin' graphics.

We mean, come on, check out this screenshot from upcoming PS4 game Infamous: Second Son:

                                                                           Above: The Friggin' Graphics 

From the days of the Family Computer up to now, the first question that explodes in our heads every time Big Console Manufacturers announce their Super Console X is this: Gaano kalupit graphics niyan?”

Here, we answer that very question for the just-released Sony PS4.

We’ll compare the visuals of the PS4’s launch games to those of the PS3’s back when it launched in 2006—and see just how far we've come, baby. Prepare your eyelids, and we hope you’re ready for some eye candy of the non-Angela Gabrielle kind!

1) NBA 2K7 VS. NBA 2K14

Last-gen Kobe:

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Next-gen Kobe:

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Last-gen facial:

Next-gen facial (hair):

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Last-gen Miami Heat star:

Next-gen Miami Heat star:

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BONUS: NBA Live 14's Neanderthal-looking LeBron James:

Predictably, Ray Allen is not pleased:

THE VERDICT: Up-close, the more lifelike emotions and the more realistic skin tone push NBA 2K14 closer to creating digital NBA clones that are indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts. Give the game's developers a few years to really master the new hardware, and one could just imagine just how much more realistic a game like this could get.


Last-gen player close-up:

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Next-gen player close-up:

Last-gen bunny-hopping:

Next-gen bunny-hopping:

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Last-gen tackle evasion:

Next-gen tackle evasion:

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THE VERDICT: Those helmets look pretty darn realistic to us. The little scratches and the reflection on the headgear indicate that the graphical presentation in this generation will be all about the detailsdetails that could really bring a game to life.

NEXT: Call of Duty, Killzone and Resistance: Fall Of Man

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