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8 Midyear PlayStation Games To Watch Out For

It's been more than half a year since the PS4 was launched. We check back in and see what the most promising games are!
by Gelo Gonzales | May 12, 2014
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Still saving up for a PS4? If you said yes, well, hurry up because a fresh batch of triple-A titles are headed gamers' way this May and June.

Since its launch in November 2013, the next-gen system has been slowly amassing a library worthy of all the remaining free time you have this summer. Likewise, the system has been undergoing system updates that improve the PS4 experience.

Just recently, System Software Update v 1.7 was announced, which expands the system's broadcast features. With 1.7, the PS4 gains support for the Japanese video sharing website "Niconico Live," HD streaming via Twtich and video archiving on various online streaming platforms like Ustream. The Playstation SHAREfactory also debuts with the update, which allows gamers to add comments, stickers to video clips saved on PS4 and change music and background of game videos. Lastly, the update enables Remote Play for the PS4 via PS Vita TV, which allows gamers to stream PS4 games on a television placed in a different location. 

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Now, all that is fine and dandy, but as any gamer would attest to, it's the games that matter, above all. So here are eight that's coming to a Playstation system near you, really, really soon.

Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4)

Drops on: June 6, 2014 

What's going on: You're Detective Ronan O' Connor, and you've been slain by a relentless murderer. Now you're a vengeful ghost, and the only way you're going to rest in peace is if you solve the mysteries behind this action/mystery thriller.  

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Best for: People who've gotten tired of playing the Pac-man role in games, and want to feel what it's like to be on the other side, for once.


MLB 14 The Show (PS4)

Drops on: May 6, 2014 

What's going on: The most realistic beard simulator in the market today. Just kidding. It's the PS4's most realistic baseball game thus far, and a good sports game to tide us over until the next NBA game comes around.

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Best for: Pinoys who have been playing too much NBA 2K14. Here's another ballgame that sports gamers might just learn to love.


Drakengard 3 (PS3)

Drops on:  May 21, 2014 

What's going on: A Japan-made, action-RPG title where you get to slice people up with a blade and then reign terror from up above with your dragon. The gorgeous anime-style art, and over-the-top action remain a trademark for the niche series. 

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Best for: People who are so tired of waiting for the dragons from Game Of Thrones to finally wreak havoc.


BlazBlue Chronophantasma (PS Vita)

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