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<p>No one messes with our boy Li'l Mac!</p>
| Jun 4, 2009
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Nintendo Wii
Experience the same old Nintendo Punch-Out!! in a savvy 3D arena packed with motion-based controls and Balance Board support with your Nintendo Wii.

The Nintendo Wii version takes place as a prequel to SNES’ Super Punch-Out!! You’ll find the game a lot more responsive and fun to use than that of the Wii Sports' boxing mode.
Little Mac reprises his role as the Manny Pacquiao-esque protagonist of the game. Coached by former heavyweight champion Doc Louis, he begins his journey to the top of the boxing circuit fighting enemies pound for pound.

Controls are the same as they've been, so you'll be able to get right into the action and enjoy the game pronto. A good reason to choose the classic over the Wiimote-and-Nunchuk method is speed. This will make you a lot faster in both dodging and delivering punches, thanks to the motion based controls.

Nintendo has done a good job of throwing a new coat of paint on Punch-Out!! but has also taken special care to make sure the core of the experience has not been changed for Wii. This means Punch-Out!! fans won't feel alienated, and newcomers can easily pick up the Wiimote or the Nunchuk and get into the action.

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