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Pun-tastic Electronics: 8 Gadgets with Funny Names!

Not so fortunate in the name game, these are!
by Joey Tuazon | Apr 23, 2013
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Every once in a while, iconic gadgets with iconic names, such as the Motorola RAZR, the Apple iPod,
and the Nintendo Gameboy, will come along and blow our minds away. Their names, like the products they represent, embody what they’re all about and therefore add to the mystique and the madness which they wish to convey to potential buyers.

Unfortunately, there are those that are not as fortunate when it comes to achieving such feats. Let’s
face it: not everyone is a creative genius.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of the less lucky ones, aka the gadgets that didn’t do so well in the name game.

1. MSI Wind U210

Gadgets with funny names msi wind

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What it is: This one's a fairly decent netbook back then. Too bad, when you think about it, it also has a fairly indecent name.
Why it’s funny: The name says it all! It’s the MSI WIND U-too-ten. Makes you wonder if the late, great Chiquito had anything to do with naming this thing.

2. MyPhone MyPad

Gadgets with funny names myphone mypad
What it is: A 7-inch tablet from local smart device brand MyPhone.
Why it’s funny: It’s like the most selfish name in gadget history—this is MINE, not yours, buy MINE! MINE! Also, “MyPad” has been mentioned several times in The Simpsons—though the tablet in question was made by Apple’s fictional Springfieldian counterpart, Mapple.

3. Microsoft Bing

Gadgets with funny names bing

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What it is: A search engine by the tech giant that is neither micro, nor soft. Okay, this isn't really a gadget or hardware but it's popularity today makes it too good to pass up.
Why it’s funny: The funniness of the word “Bing” has actually waned over the years but Microsoft made it infamous again by trying to convince netizens to say “Bing It” instead of “Google It.” Don’t believe us? Bing It.

4. Nintendo Wii U

Gadgets with funny names wii u

What it is: Nintendo’s latest video game console.
Why it’s funny: Have you seen the cult comedy hit Kung Pao? WiiU! WiiU! ‘Nuff said.


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