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Quad-Core Power: HTC One In The Flesh!

Is the Smartphone Wars version of "Neo"?
by James Andrei Tan and Neps Firmalan | Apr 26, 2013
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What do we have here? It's the brand-spankin' new HTC One superphone! Why "super"? For starters, the device sports the impressive tandem of a quad-core 1.7GHz processor and 2GB RAM. That and suave looks make the One pogi by our standards.

But of course, there's more to this flagship device. We were blessed to have been given by HTC some private time with this prime specimen of a gadget. Check out our in-the-flesh photos below to see more of what it offers, and its fantastic features other smartphones lack.

htc one philippines

Above is the device, in all its plastic and metallic glory. This is one of HTC's latest creations and deemed as the current flagship of its brood.

htc one philippines

A view of the top side. Looking all clean there. You can also see the 3.5mm audio port, a must-have for audio junkies.

htc one philippines

There's the front-facing camera. At 2.1-megapixels, images taken with it will have a bit of quality to them, good enough for video-call sessions with your syota abroad.

htc one philippines

Speaking of cams, here's the One's 4-ultrapixel main shooter. Yes, ultrapixel, an innovation that further improves overall image quality and detail, and that comes with additional features like full HD 1080p video recording, auto-focus, image stabilization, panorama mode, and a back-illuminated sensor.

NEXT: More of the One's fab features!

Photos James Andrei Tan
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