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Dec 18, 2013
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It's the holidays which basically mean most of our attention is focused on everything about Christmas. And gifts, don't forget the gifts.

But given the still burning hot topic that is the Yolanda devastation, we feel this is relevant: an app that tells you if it's going to rain! Called RaincheckPH, it's made more awesome by the fact that it's made for the Philippines!

raincheckph app philippines

Brought to us by Voyager Innovations, a subsidiary of telco giant Smart Communications, RaincheckPH is a weather app which predicts if it's going to rain on your parade, literally. Apparently, it's darn good at it! According to Voyager Innovations, it can tell you with 95-percent accuracy the probability of rain in a particular area within a four-hour period. This gives you more than enough time to prepare your payong or to research a different, less bahain route.

raincheckph app philippines

All this is made possible by RaincheckPH's hook-up with Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards). For those not in the know, the latter is a project by PAGASA and DOST which acts as a nationwide weather forecasting service and resource. Data is fed from Project NOAH to RaincheckPH wirelessly and in real-time, giving it hi-tech, Madame Auring powers.

There you have it, FHM Nation! Another ΓΌber-useful app you should DL stat! Yes, even if the next Habagat Season is still more than half-a-year away. And because, you know, the weather is as unpredictable as your jowa's shopping preferences.

RaincheckPH is now available for Android devices. Click here to download it for free!