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Ramon Bautista Tells You What's Pogi About The BlackBerry Q10

This good-looking BB is now available here in Pinas!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 6, 2013
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blackberry q10 philippines
Y'all know BlackBerry as that brand that creates those reliable QWERTY keyboard-sportin', professional-lookin' smartphones. They've encountered a lot of troubles the past couple of years, no thanks to sizzling competition from the Android and iPhone camps. But, like a bruised but battle-hardened soldier aching to hit one more headshot, BB is still alive!

In fact, the company just officially outed here another gem, in the form of the new BlackBerry Q10 and, my, it looks really damn good! So good, in fact, that funnyman Ramon Bautista told us that he thinks this phone is as pogi as him.

blackberry q10 philippines ramon bautista

What led to Ramon's observation? We'll get to that later, right after we get you drooling over some of the Q10's impressive specs and features...

All suave and business-y

You'll see from the get-go that the Q10 has that trademark BlackBerry look: sleek, refined, and professional. The QWERTY keyboard has been improved with a wider layout and larger sculpted keys. Its backside is made from woven glass, which is as light but is stronger than plastic, affording you a durable design minus more grams. We also like the Q10's AMOLED display, which we're told is actually the largest touchscreen slapped on any BlackBerry QWERTY smartphone to date. Nice!

blackberry q10 philippines

Power under the pretty hood

Being one of the latest goodies out of BlackBerry's barn along with the Z10, the Q10 comes packed with some nice hardware and next-gen features. The whole shebang is run by the tandem of a 1.5GHz dual-core Cortex A9 CPU and 2GB of RAM. Internal storage is at 16GB, although you can extend that by 64GB via a microSD card. An 8-megapixel main camera with HD shooting (2-megapixel secondary shooter) takes care of your selfie shooting exploits. And, aside from having 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, the Q10 also has 4G LTE connectivity.

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BlackBerry 10.1 and its nifties

Another thing that separates the Q10 from the rest of the smartphone pack is its new OS, called the BlackBerry 10.1. This new platform is based more on slides and swipes, allowing you to navigate and get to the apps or wherever you wanna go with only a few flicks of your finger.

It also comes with a variety of features, like increased customization, BBM (obviously), and BlackBerry Hub, which organizes all your conversations in one place and provides remote access to your files. Our fave? Timeshift, a cool cam option that lets you snap several shots instantaneously and choose among them which one will make it to your Instagram account.

NEXT: Ramon Bautista on what makes the Q10 pogi like him.

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