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5 Badass-Looking Gizmos That Can Help You Game Better

Rule the virtual battlefield with these devices that have the looks and performance to increase your gaming street cred!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 17, 2014
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When it comes to PC gaming, looks is right up there with performance in the all-important “what I’m looking for” list. There’s no problem with that. Well, at least as long as a gaming device delivers its promises. 

The problem here though is pretty obvious, which comes in the very simple question, “Do such mythical devices exist?”

Yes they do, bro. Yes they do.

Enter Razer, a company that has seemingly mastered the art of making gamers drool. Below are five such devices that are now available here in the Philippines! 


razer philippines
With neon colorways that remind us of candy and rave parties, the Kraken Pro Neon Series Headphones literally put more color into your gaming sprees. It’s actually a nice retreat from the gloomy, black-green color theme Razer is known for.

And with 40mm audio drivers, it will reproduce your games' bangs and booms as if you’re right in front of all the bakbakan and ratratan. Special mention goes to the packaged 6.6-feet extension cable because, just like in sexcapades, longer is always better.

Hardware highlights: 40mm drivers for clearer bass lines, 4.27-feet chord length (6.6-feet extension cable added), 3.5mm audio jack, retractable microphone

Yours for: P3,999


razer philippines
If your ears don’t like being squished by big headphones, then maybe the Adaro Earphones will be more to your liking. Sure, it’s not as loud as them cans, but it does come with an aluminum body for added durability and a sleek, non-plastic look. Plus, with flat, anti-tangle cables, you won’t have to face those frustrating buhol problems.

Hardware highlights: 10mm drivers, sound isolation, flat anti-tangle cables

Yours for: P3,999


razer philippines
Looking like it was forged from hellfire in Diablo III, the Naga Molten gaming mouse is truly one agaw-tingin gadget. Whip it out and your gamer bros will secretly wish they have one after you casually shrug off their casual “Ang ganda... Pa-arbor! overtures.

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Its drop-dead gorgeous look is a good thing, but it can also make you score big in the virtual battlefield. With 17—yes, 17!—fully-programmable buttons, it will help you access more character abilities and shortcuts with lesser clicks. We deem this a perfect fit for MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) since those games can easily turn into tiring sessions of endless button-mashing. Makes your old, two-button mouse look so un-cool now, doesn’t it?

Hardware highlights: 17 fully-programmable buttons, ergonomic design, laser sensor with 1-millisecond response time

Yours for: P3,999

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