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The Mythical Facebook Dislike Button And Why It's Still MIA

It's for our own good...
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 24, 2013
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It's one of tech's most enduring mysteries: the mythical Facebook dislike button. Guys and girls of the Facebook world have been clamoring for it, and we've seen it in some unofficial form. But, at the end of the day, we're still wondering why the heck we still don't have a legit version of it. After all, kung may like, dapat may dislike, 'di ba?

Here we discuss why it's still MIA...and why we may never get to see it no matter how long we wait. Check out below the possible reasons why Mark Z. and co. flashed the thumbs down sign on the idea of having a Facebook dislike button.

1. It's going to be weird...and confusing

Having a dislike button on Facebook can cause plenty of weird, even confusing moments on your News Feed. Let's say someone's cat died and the owner posted something like this: "RIP miming! We'll miss you but your memory will stay with us and make us happy."

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reasons why there's no dislike buttonYou, faced with this dilemma

Now imagine someone clicked on the dislike button: Is she disliking the fact that miming died or the part about the cat's memories making the owner happy? Medyo kagulo, right? It's somewhat akin to liking a sad post on Facebook. We guess having two buttons that can potentially confuse the heck out of users is just too much.

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2. Badtrip alert!

reasons why there's no dislike button
The sight of having a ton of Likes gives social-networking addicts a certain online high. We can only imagine the opposite happening if a post was bombarded by dislikes. We bet the folks over at FB's HQ don't want that, hence, the absence of a dislike button.

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