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Why Removing The iPhone Headphone Jack Isn't Such A Bad Idea

Calm down everyone. You can still listen to music even without this classic feature
by Tanya Umali | Sep 7, 2016
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[UPDATED] It's confirmed: the new iPhone 7, boasting a new design called "jet black", does not include a headphone jack.

Earlier, rumors of its exclusion had rabid iPhone enthusiasts, among them diehard audiophiles, in a tizzy.

But is this really a bad move for Apple, or, are we all just quick to judge? Whatever their reason is—an Apple insider say one of it was "courage"—we bet the company is doing it for the best. Besides, they're confident people will still buy the gadget with or without the headphone jack.

Here are some reasons why an iPhone sans the headphone jack may actually be a good thing:

There would be more space for the battery
You might think that the headphone jack is small and won’t make much of a difference for the size of the battery. That’s where you’re all wrong. Though the hole where the headphones are supposed to be inserted looks small on the outside, it’s a lot more complicated on the inside. You’d have to consider the length of the headphone connector and all the fancy wiring inside the phone. Here's what it looks like from the inside:

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And this is how much space it takes:

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Removing it would make room for a bigger and better battery so that you’ll hopefully stop complaining about how fast its power drains.


Your headphones could still serve their purpose
The new iPhone will come with a dongle where you can still connect your old expensive headphones. It will look something like this:

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It will be the start of a new generation of better quality Bluetooth headphones
Bluetooth headphones are not new to us, but they are a bit unappreciated. One, it’s because they’re expensive and, two, we’re just so familiar with using wired headphones, which are available everywhere. The iPhone might just start a trend that'd popularize wireless headphones with better quality than the wired ones we’re so used to.


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