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WTF: Someone Started An Online Fundraiser To Rescue Matt Damon From Mars

And it's actually getting funds!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 9, 2015
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Matt Damon's nth rescue-me-please flick, The Martian, is now in theatres and has been getting rave reviews so far.

It falls short in terms of realism though, but that's understandable since it's a sci-fi movie anyway. Which is why we're dumbfounded upon learning thatget thissomeone actually set up a GoFundMe (an online portal for personal fundraisers) page to rescue Matt Damon from Mars!

Here's a screencap of the page:

rescue matt damon

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A person with the handle Kyle Douglas M on the site is behind the page, and he's now asking for $99 million to fund the Hollywood star's rescue. Here's his sobering statement regarding the matter:

"One of the greatest actors in Hollywood is currently trapped on Mars after a failed exploration. We need Matt back on earth because he is due to be in another "Bourne" movie. Matt is also a loyal friend to another Hollywood great Ben Affleck who needs Matt Damon's support as he goes through a divorce. Failing to bring Matt back could be devistating to our American life and will have a devastating impact on film if we don't rescue Matt."

Pardon the errors; the guy's probably crying while typing that...

Seriously, this is probably a good, old-fashioned prank (at least we hope it is). Be that as it may, at least a couple of people have donated to the cause, bringing the grand total to a whopping $10 (around P450) as of this writing. Only $98,999,990 to go, fellas!

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While chances are the post is a joke, this isn't: the fact that some people think the movie was based on real events!

rescue matt damonImage via @alexjackhughes


Once and for all, Matt Damon's not stuck on Martian soil and looking for little green men, people! He's probably somewhere wearing a big smile on his face thinking about the dough the movie has been generating...

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