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Retina Display coming to next-gen Apple MacBook Pro?

We could find out by next month
by Neps Firmalan | May 16, 2012
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We like the Retina Display and, if this fresh rumor proves to be more than, well, a rumor, we might just see Apple's top-notch eye-candy feature hop from mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad and make itself comfy on - wait for it - next-gen MacBook Pros! Nice!

According to 9to5mac, sources who are close to Apple's supply chain said that the 2012 MacBook Pro will indeed have the Retina Display tech, calling it "jaw-breakind" and the most important Mac innovation in recent years. Now that should make more than a few Apple fans excited. But, as they say in those dreary home TV shopping shoes, "that's not all, folks!" Aside from the Retina Display, USB 3.0 is in the mix, too, which should mark a first for the MacBook Pro. Also, the latest iteration will be a the ultra-thin version of the current specimen. We're betting it'll indeed be slimmer, although not as thin as the MacBook Air. Of course, upgraded CPUs (Ivy Bridge says hello), storage options, and better graphics will be part of the deal, too.

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A Retina Display-toting MacBook Pro is certainly something to look forward, too. Now we're marking the dates of Apple's WWDC event next month where the 2012 MacBook Pros are expected to be unveiled.

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