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The Robo-Python And 5 Other 'Bots With Animalistic Features

Have you seen the robot faster than Usain Bolt? How about the one that can jump two floors in a single hop? Here are six robots that, thanks to qualities borrowed from animals, are able to do things mere humans can't!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 5, 2014
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Ah, robots. We're awed and terrified by them at the same time. Representing the pinnacle of mechanical science, these next-gen buckets of bolts have inspired tons of sci-fi movies, from I, Robot to the hi-tech bloodfest that is The Terminator.

And before we forget, they're also real.

Fact is, with the advances in robo tech, we're beginning to create more and more advanced 'bots. We're especially intrigued by a group of robots that have characteristics borrowed from certain animals. These characteristics help them perform specific duties, and make us exclaim, "Whoa! Astig, pre!"

True, the 'bots that we have today aren't nearly as awesome as their silver screen counterparts. But the ones below tell us that it's just a matter of time. We mean, just take a look at...



Geeks, meet Boston Dynamic's Cheetah robot. It looks nothing like a wild cheetah, we know, but it does share one thing with the big cat its named after: speed. Forget its almost-junkyard-worthy facade; this robot has a max speed of 28.3 mph. That makes the darn thing faster

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than Usain Bolt (27.7 mph)! Just look at it go!

FHM says: With its speed, the Cheetah will certainly find many uses. One thing we're looking at is crime-fighting. Dress it with a bullet-proof exterior complete with scary fangs and this metallic beast will certainly be bad news for robbers fleeing on foot.



Forget its toy-like appearance, the Sand Flea is a serious machine inspired by the humble flea! That means it does one thing really well: jump so freakin' high! This robot can jump higher than any human, and no, not even Japeth Aguilar will be able to beat it in a pataasan ng talon showdown. We're told that, as little as it may be, the Sand Flea can jump up to 30 feet into the air, letting it overcome obstacles or reach higher ground with ease. No need for jetpacks, bros!

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FHM says: We want a human-sized version, one that we can enter into a slam dunk contest. Imagine the hangtime! Take that, Dwight Howard!


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