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Rock Band

Music games amped up to eleven<br />
| Mar 12, 2008
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Where: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2
What it’s about: This is the ultimate party game, bar none. The price point is steep (as of press time, a hefty P12,000 in local software stores for the whole kit and caboodle), but if you’re willing to shell out that much money, might as well add a few buckets of beers in the mix—Rock Band is best played with a quartet of soaks. Two man the guitars, both lead and bass; a third twirls the drumsticks; the bravest—or drunkest one—takes up mic duty (which also doubles as a cowbell and a tambourine). Hit the set list and grab a beer, live the life of a fucking rockstar. - Lio Mangubat


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