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Rogue Warrior

<p>Shoot upon sight</p>
| Dec 3, 2009
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It’s no secret that a huge portion of the gaming scene today is dominated by first-person shooting games. Witness: there's Call of Duty’s, Halo’s, Killzone’s, Medal of Honor’s, all giving you an adrenaline rush, and all of which should satiate your need to shoot something so you wouldn’t have to shoot someone in real life.[firstpara] Unless of course, the FPS game you’re playing is Bethesda Softworks’ Rogue Warrior.

Rogue Warrior is the antithesis to all that is good about FPS games. To begin with, it is extremely short. Even the most novice of gamers should be able to blast through the campaign mode in a little over two hours.

The biggest challenge for any gamer that has at least gotten a taste of triple-A shooting titles, is to see if they can manage to keep an eye open throughout the missions. Um, okay.

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FPS games are not necessarily known for mind-blowing innovation, but Rogue Warrior sadly cannot even nail the basics that maketh for an exciting experience.

In an age where many games allow you to decide what path to take for yourself, Rogue Warrior stands out like a sore thumb, taking you on a snore-inducing rollercoaster ride, that tries but fails to excite.

The game tries to be edgy by throwing cuss words at you like there’s no tomorrow, but that does nothing but highlight how repetitive it is. Mix in some of the dumbest AI we’ve ever witnessed in a game (some baddies don’t even react to your presence), and we’ve got one of the worst FPS games this generation.

Our verdict? Avoid at all cost. Or better yet, shoot upon sight.




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