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RUMOR: Google to sell Motorola Mobility to Huawei

So soon?
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 12, 2012
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Whispers of what Google plans to do with Motorola Mobility after buying it for $12.5 billion has gotten everyone scratching heads and rolling eyes, to the echo of Apple, Microsoft and Oracle's evil laughter. We were taken by surprised when news broke of the Mountain View company buying the underperforming, formerly glorious mobile tech giant for big bucks. We even wrote up a list of reasons why Google could be making such a big decision with a whole lot of money. Sure, those 17,000 patents are pretty useful, but as Dennis K. Berman points out on the Wall Street Journal today, "what of the 20,500 Motorola employees working in 92 major facilities across 97 countries?"

Android boss Andy Rubin maintains that Motorola and his brainchild will be run as two separate companies, so we're pretty clueless as to what plans Google has for Moto. It's clear that Google doesn't want to burn bridges with Android pals Samsung, LG, Sony and the others by releasing their own hardware. It might make the said manufacturers think that Google's prioritizing their own (if they ever come up with a Google products on the Motorola brand) so that possibility's out the window.

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World's Slimmest PhoneNow reports are surfacing that Google has offered China's very own Huawei Technologies to buy Motorola. Forgive our frankness but we think this'll just lead to more Google backlash and even though a person "close to Google" has denied the rumor, we still vehemently oppose the move to sell even though it might seem to be the most practical decision from a business POV. On the other hand, it'll certainly be more helpful for Huawei, who's been churning out quality products (their Ascend P1 S is currently the world's slimmest phone) and is trying to become China's own "Samsung."

We'll all have to wait and see, but from the looks of things, it won't be pretty---for Google, at least.

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