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RUMOR: iPhone 5 will be built with 'Liquidmetal' technology

Say what?
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 19, 2012
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We don't know what Liquidmetal tech is either but judging from the buzz it's said to be better than glass. As some unfortunate iPhone owners have experienced, the glass-covered devices look good and feel good, but isn't really equivalent to sturdiness or equal the amount of time they spent waiting for it in line at an Apple Store.

Liquidmetal is said to make the iPhone more durable to knicks and knocks, and that it's made from an alloy of zirconium, titanium, nickel, copper, etc. That sounds pretty heavy to us, but since we move in the world of technology, anything is possible. Even bulletproof tank tops.

ETNews got the scoop about both Apple and Samsung having difficulty besting each other through their phones' features like specs and operating system, so are opting to take it tothe materials playing field. The Korean titan is said to shift to pairing the innards with a ceramic body that'll make the phone light, but strong and comfortable while Cupertino is apparently going with Liquidmetal, a lightweight, superstrong and scratch-proof metal that has even NASA singing it praises.

The most important piece of information is relatively missing from this rumor, and that is availability. Things are so secret over at Cupertino that we probably won't know until the rumored liquidmetal iPhone is ready. Seriously though, anything will sound even cooler if you say it was made of liquidmetal.

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