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RUMOR: The 'iPad Mini' could be launched later this year

Not wasting any time
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 17, 2012
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iPad Mini

The new iPad hasn't even reached Philippine shores yet and already there are some reports coming out of a smaller iPad that's set to launch later this year, around the months of July, August or September. The cheaper more affordable iteration of the leading tablet in the world is rumored to be priced around $249-$299 or P10,638-P12,775, as claimed by Chinese news site NetEase yesterday. Of course, no specs or other details were reported on, probably saving that kind of information for  another rumor day actual launch day, if there's ever going to be one.

The last time we heard of the iPad Mini was (just last week) that the Cupertino company was testing it in their super secret laboratory, and that it was about two to three inches smaller than the current iPad, which would put its screen in the 7-inch to 8-inch range. We can't confirm that but we do know that changing to fit the market was never really Apple's style. They could be testing it, that part could be true, but in the end decide that it doesn't adhere to Apple standards and just completely toss the idea and start over. They definitely have enough funds to do that.

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Unless, they're testing it to rework the entire tablet experience with the iPad Mini? Wouldn't that pose a threat to competitiors more than just having an affordable, shrinked iPad? We'd advise manufacturers to step up right now, before Apple gets the formula. 

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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