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RUMOR: The iPhone '5' will have an almost 5-inch screen

First iPhone to break the 4-inch barrier?
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 22, 2012
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iPhone 4S

There's buzz in South Korea that Apple's iPhone 5---should they choose to call it that---will adhere to the 'bigger is better' school of thought and sport a 4.6-inch "retina" display, possibly the same 'resolutionary' one on the new iPad.

How did this rumor come about exactly? According to the Maeil Business Newspaper, the Cupertino company has already placed orders to its suppliers, two of the biggest being LG Display and Samsung. Both are competitors, but they probably have an agreement about previously purchased parts for Apple being used in their own devices. 

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No word yet from Apple or the suppliers, but if the 4.6-inch display rumor is true, coupled with the retina display that Apple proudly boasts as having a million pixels more than HDTV, the iPhone 5 may trump all other smartphones deemed competition. 

And this is when all the Android fanboys look at their calendar full of Xs, waiting for the day until the Samsung Galaxy S III and its 4.9-inch full HD 1080p resolution display,  can finally be in their hands.

Check out the gallery below for what's hot and what's not on the iPhone 4S

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