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7 Running Earphones That'll Make You Go The Extra Mile

Go Forrest Gump and wireless at the same time
by Miggy Dumlao | Jul 16, 2018
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Any runner knows the value of having a perfectly curated playlist to help keep their heart rate pumping and their minds off of how physically exhausted they really are. Running is essentially a solitary sport and when the pavement just seems to go on and on with the end nowhere in sight, the right tunes are all a runner can turn to for that extra push. 

Here are 7 of the best audible options for the runner who always needs to keep the beat going.

OontZ BudZ 2

Bluetooth-enabled with an all-black look, this baby is worth the money. It has an adjustable cord—to be worn around the back of your neck—and six pairs of earbuds (small, medium, large, two each). The OontZ BudZ 2 also comes in a light case that can be carried anywhere.

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Its selling point is the bass, which produces a full sound that might make the mid and treble tones a bit iffy, but will surely get the blood pumping and you psyched to shed some calories.

P1299 @ Lazada

Awei A920BL

The A920BL has everything that you want from wireless earphones, only at a relatively cheaper cost. It doesn't look like its price point with the sleek appearance. The earbuds can be connected by a built-in magnet, while the flat wires make it nearly impossible to tangle, even inside your pocket.

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The bass is great, but the louder you listen to the music, the shakier the treble gets. All in all, you get more than you pay for and that counts as a win.

P649 @ Lazada

MusicAnywhere AD0503

It has a sporty look to it, available in red-black or all-black with a tangle flat wire and ear hooks. The AD0503 is sweat- and dust-proof, making it suitable for city running and outdoor workouts.

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The bass and treble are good, but the extreme lows and highs can feel a bit lacking at times. The mid tones sound like how it actually should, perfect for casual listeners.

P2495 @ Lazada


QCY Q29 Pro

Unlike the other entries on the list, this next one is completely cordless—just earbuds. This might turn off some buyers, but who doesn't want to run "without nothing on"?

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As for sound quality, the bass is crisp, but the mid tones and treble are a little shaky at full volume. The Q29 Pro's obvious selling point is its invisible earphones.

P1579 @ Lazada

Playground BH220

It had us at "seven to 10 hours of battery life." Not to mention a magnetic clasp that allows the wearer to tie it around their neck when not in use.

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The BH220's sound quality is more than fair enough for its price. Maxing out the volume distorts the sound and the noise canceling doesn't actually "cancel noise" in a loud crowd. But those are only a few nitpicks on an otherwise solid pair.

P1690 @ Shopee and

Motorola Verve Rider

Motorola has other products than phones, one of them is this Bluetooth headset. The Verve Rider's collar is both eye-catching and an acquired taste.

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The brand has always been reliable when it comes to its tech offerings—the same can be said about this device. Soundwise, it's crisp, and the bass doesn't overpower the other tones. According to reviews, the collar doesn't feel like it's there.

P4166 @ Lazada

Ekotek Ekobuds GO

With a matte black finish and constructed with high-grade plastic and silicone tips, the Ekobuds GO is a nice-looking unit with quality materials (high-grade plastic, silicone tips).

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It has good enough sound isolation, to go with a crisp bass. While there are better headphones in terms of sound and design, this is the simple and solid choice if you consider the price point.

P1469.75 @ Lazada


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