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Sad Video Game Music For Rainy Days

Is this loss?
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 22, 2018
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We play games to have fun and, sometimes, getting hit in the feels in the name of entertainment is totally okay. A lot of the most memorable (and depressing) moments in gaming come from the plot, but there are also times when the music alone is enough to get you melancholic–so here are the best tunes to soundtrack those rainy days where you feel a little bit dramatic. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Mass Effect 3 - An End, Once And For All

You grow to love your team over the course of the Mass Effect trilogy and the fact that the series was ending a five-year journey made the moment this tune came out sad on a real-life level too.

Metal Gear Solid - The Best Is Yet To Come

Probably the only Irish song you've heard in your life, it's an oddly fitting and powerful credit track to one of the greatest games of all time. The moment it played when you return to Shadow Moses in MGS4 gave us chills.

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Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand

To Zanarkand is such an epic downer that sadpastas and other dramatic non-gaming things on YouTube use this as background music. There are other tracks which use it as a main motif in FFX, but the raw piano version is the OG.

Final Fantasy VIII - Fisherman's Horizon

It sounds upbeat at first, but Fisherman's Horizon will slowly tear you apart with melancholia. The must-read comments of this YouTube video are basically all people slowly getting ripped to shreds.

Skyrim - The Streets of Whiterun

Everyone knows "DOVAHKIIN, DOVAHKIIN" but Skyrim's OST is also full of powerful atmospheric music like The Streets of Whiterun. When this track slowly fades in as you explore the streets of (probably) your first major city in the game...ahh, bliss.

NieR: Automata - Peaceful Sleep

NieR's vocal tracks are all in a made-up "Chaos" language designed to replicate how we might speak thousands of years from now. The result is something you feel rather than understand. It's a little hard to explain so just listen–this track totally lives up to its title and also because we sure spent a lot of time doing that in the area where this plays.

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NieR: Automata - Voice of No Return

Here's another example because we couldn't resist. France 3075 and some gentle guitar work.

Persona 3 - Memories of the City

The Persona series is great at remixing peppy tunes into surprisingly wistful cuts. It's a clever technique to drive home the moment by appropriating something you're familiar with, like the original, and giving it a dose of heaviness.

Final Fantasy XV - Stand By Me

This was a fun opener to the ultimate bro trip that was FFXV–a cover song done right! When it played again at the end though, it was the last thing you expected to hear and it took on a whole new meaning that felt like a punch in the gut and was pretty much the definition of bittersweet.

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