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PC Games Best Suited For Samsung's 49-Inch Curved Monitor

Draw first blood at a computer shop, or go beyond godlike on your big-ass screen? (The latter is obviously better)
by FHM Staff | Apr 10, 2018
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Name a more iconic PC screen than Samsung's new 49" QLED Curved Gaming Monitor, we'll wait.

The viewing innovation is armed with a super ultra-wide 32:9 curved screen, including a 1800R wrap-around panel that basically puts you inside the game. Its Metal Quantum dot feature stabilizes the color display, while the Curved Gaming Monitor supports both High Dynamic Range and Radeon FreeSync™ 2 technology for optimal brightness and pixel quality, respectively.


Samsung's latest product has a vertical alignment panel (super-fast 1ms motion picture response time and 144Hz screen refresh rate) double the typical frequency, giving the player a split-second advantage in terms of movement. You can also split the screen via the Easy Setting Box, and ease eye strain using the eye-saver mode, which reduces penetrative blue light.

Of course, FHM's resident gamer wasn't about to miss out on all the hardware fun, and he suggested a few titles that can maximize the Curved Gaming Monitor's game-changing features.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

You don't need a big screen because PUBG is already a graphical masterpiece. Rather, seeing more while playing this battle royale gives you a competitive advantage.

Dota 2

You can draw first blood at a computer shop, or go beyond godlike on your big-ass monitor. Dominating the hit MOBA is obviously better with the latter.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Still the best PC role-playing game of all time, the action sequel is worth re-playing, including its downloadable content, even if you've finished it on console before.

Far Cry 5

The adventure first-person shooter set in fictional Hope County, Montana will give you all of the eye candy you need. Why not take advantage of that wide display?

Civilization 6

Peak PC gaming is developing all sorts of strategies in a 4X series, through a huge screen and a powerful CPU. Hopefully you have the latter because things can get heavy.


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