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Feb 25, 2014
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Well how about that? Samsung's galactic line of smartphones just grew, adding another big star in its lineup. Yes, fellas, the Galaxy S5 is now official!

Unveiled in the on-going Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the device is Sammy's newest flagship phone, replacing the barely one-year-old Galaxy S4. Speaking of the Galaxy S4, it was only March last year when it first made an appearance, and just like that, its successor has arrived. Ang bilis ng panahon!

And just like its predecessor, the Galaxy S5 has all the bells and whistles expected from a superphone. Check them out below, the Galaxy S5's hardware and features that will make your phone look oh-so 2013!



The Galaxy S4 came with a 1.9GHz quad-core processor, which wasn't too shabby to say the least. However, Samsung wanted to speed things up a little bit more on the Galaxy S5. The result? An even faster 2.5GHz quad-core processor! Couple that with 2GB of RAM and you've got a device that will make mincemeat out of your mobile phone chores. Hayup!


samsung galaxy s5 launch

Because Samsung's engineers subscribe to the "Bigger Is Better" rule (have you seen the supersized Galaxy Mega handsets?), they decided to make the Galaxy S5's display larger! The Galaxy S4 packed a 4.99-inch touchscreen, which is already quite large. The Galaxy S5? It has a slightly bigger 5.1-inch display, basically making the device a phablet as well. In terms of resolution, the screen is at Full HD 1080p.

Simply put, you're gonna wanna watch FHM babes videos on this bad boy!


samsung galaxy s5 launch

Many new smartphones suck in terms of battery life. Heck, you'd be lucky to juice out a full day of use from many of them. To remedy this potentially deal-breaker, Samsung slapped a bigger 2,800mAh battery on the Galaxy S5 (compared to the Galaxy S4's 2,600mAh). The added capacity should provide more energy for the superphone's impressive hardware and bigger display.

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