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7 Things Samsung Did Right With The Galaxy S7

The features that might just justify the wallet torture buying this new superphone entails
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 23, 2016
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Early yesterday, the whole tech world welcomed the arrival of Samsung's newest flagship handset, the Galaxy S7. Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, its launch ushered another specs-heavy contender into the heated superphone wars.

Powered by Samsung's latest mobile technology, the device promises to deliver a top-notch smartphone experience. And although it won't blow you away in terms of appearance (it looks like any other sleek smartphone), as they say, it's the inside that counts.

We've listed seven things Samsung did right with the Galaxy S7 that might just justify the wallet torture buying one entails.

Quick charging

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While it takes around two to three hours for the average smartphone to fully charge (yep, including the famed iPhone 6S), the Galaxy S7 takes around just an hour to reach 60-percent. Samsung hasn't disclosed the exact number of minutes it'll take to reach 100-percent, but our awesome math skills say it's just around 90 to 95 minutes. Not bad at all.

It's water-resistant

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Good ol' Sammy decided to bless the Galaxy S7 with a bit more toughness, giving the phone a water-resistant frame. We're told it can be submerged in up to a meter of water for around 30 minutes, and it will still work fine. While we won't recommend taking a shower or going diving with it, it's nice to know the device won't conk out after getting splashed.


microSD card expansion

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Okay, we know a microSD card slot isn't exactly a game-changer. But it's obviously a big deal for Samsung. The Galaxy S6 didn't offer this option, something that the brand's fans obviously weren't happy about. Pinoy users will particularly need this one, since the Galaxy S7 variant that will be available here will only have 32GB of internal storage.

Wireless charging

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Yes, the Galaxy S7 can charge wirelessly. 90-percent of smartphones aren't capable of this. Just set it on one of Samsung's wireless charging pads (sold separately), activate, and you're good to go. We're also told that wireless charging for the Galaxy S7 is actually faster than regular wired charging on other phones.

Its "always-on" feature

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The Galaxy S7 has a nifty "always-on" feature which is also found on a few other phones (like Microsoft's Lumia line). Basically, it displays a few bits of relevant information (like the time and notifications) for easy viewing without having to wake up the device. The one-glance feature will tell you what's up without draining your battery.

The powerful hardware

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We expected nothing less. With an Exynos 8890 64-bit octa-core processor, up to 64GB of storage, and 4GB of RAM, the Galaxy S7 deserves the superphone tag hardware-wise. All those numbers might confuse non-geeks, so this sums things up nicely: This bad boy can multi-task like your mother preparing Sunday lunch and will run even the most resource-heavy of apps with nary a hitch.

Better low-light shooting

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The megapixel count on the Galaxy S7 went down compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S6 (from 16 to 12). Don't worry though; Samsung made up for it by blessing their new flagship phone with larger pixels and the ability to absorb more light. All these lead to better images under low-light situations. The Galaxy S7's camera also produces images with smaller file sizes compared to the Galaxy S6's, which means fewer work for the processor, resulting to faster photo-taking. Lastly, Samsung's latest flagship has "dual-pixel sensor technology," which is just a fancy way of saying it has faster auto-focus, allowing you to take clear snaps faster even with a shaky hand.

Note: The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available locally for P34,990 starting March 19


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