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#PasakayNaman: Samsung Is Making A Smart Bike With Lasers!

Smart TVs, smartphones, smart watches, and now a smart bike! Samsung makes the world "smarter," one contraption at a time!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 17, 2014
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As if saying our kinakalawang bikes need a huge upgrade, Samsung plans to—get this—make a friggin’ smart bike! We ain’t kidding, fellas!

Check out the preview video below:

Uh, was that it, Sammy? We were somewhat expecting a more hi-tech look! We forgive you though because, in terms of features, this bike is a truly geeky creation. We’re talking about a two-wheeled contraption that has GPS, a camera, and lasers! Yep, lasers—but not the destructive kind. The ones on the Samsung Smart Bike project a virtual lane to keep the driver in a safe position on the road. Heck, the bike itself “knows” when it’s dark; thanks to an ambient light sensor that tells it when to “fire” the lasers.

The frame is made with tough aluminum and houses batteries that power the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. That's right, you can upload selfies while you’re busy burning the pedals (but we suggest you not do so; pumark ka naman muna). And if you pair the bike with your smartphone, you’ll be able to use its rear camera for instant rear-view vision. Hanep!

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